Q: How does this work?

A: The simple answer is, it's easy!  Purchase a package that contains the services you're interested in.  Or mix-and-match a la carte services to create a package you want.  We'll get in touch after you complete payment (if we have not already spoken previously) and setup a meeting to discuss how we can help achieve your vision!

Q: Why offer packages?

A: When looking around at other social media and marketing sites they all seemed like black boxes where you need to go through some cryptic contact process to get a quote or survey to just get basic pricing before you even knew if you would consider working with that company, let alone if they were a good fit for you.  So we decided to just put it out there.  Layout basic packages that explain what they contain and let you just see our pricing.  Sure, we can customize and tailor any service, or package to your needs just like the other folks around can, but we wanted to being by being transporant and clear about what you might expect to pay for quality services.  We know that talking about money isn't the most fun, but we believe that putting the cost up front makes it easier to talk openly about how we can provide you the best service and results.

Q: Will I actually work with a real person?

A: Absolutely!  The very first thing that happens after purchase is that we'll contact you directly and set-up a meeting, in person (if you're on the Central Coast) or online, or with a phone call to get started prepping, planning, and working for you!

Q: Can I chat with someone before I make a purchase?

A: You bet!  Send a message to heyo@socialvybes.com and let us know you'd like to chat.  We'll get back in touch and set-up a call to answer any questions you have.  No pressure.  No worries!