Social Vybes, Inc


No more throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, Social Vybes makes sure your brand vybes with your customers the way you intend them to in our constantly growing digital world. Stop guessing and start vybin’ with your customers, now!

Check out all of the ways social vybes can help you.


PS Feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss options for how you can Mix-and-match our offerings to customize a strategy that gets your brand vybin’ best.


Social Vybes Branding

Brand Creation + Development


What is Social Vybes Branding?

Your brand is not just a logo... or a color palette, but the voice (or what we like to call vybes) of who you are and what your business stands for.

The vybes you put out into the universe are the vybes you are going to get back. Making sure that your vybes communicate the right aesthetic, the right vybes you stand for to your clients and the value of the content you're providing, is our number one priority. Your brand is your best marketing asset that can make or break your brand's reputation, growth, and strategy.

During the process you will be included in every step of the way to make sure you are vybin’ with each creation. Because heck, your brand’s vybes are all about YOUR vybes and who knows you better than you?

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start creating high vybin’ brand magic!



  • In-depth Brand Identity Questionnaire

  • Pinspiration Assignment

  • One 60-minute deep-dive Brand Identity + Strategy Call

  • Searchable and Clear Brand Bio for Instagram, Facebook, Etc.

  • Primary Logo + Secondary Logo

  • Optional, Custom Brand Textures/Patterns

  • 4 Branding Graphics

  • Fonts, Primary and Secondary

  • Brand Identity Guide

  • Final Brand Board + Files


SOcial (Media) Vybes Management

instagram - facebook - twitter

ash-edmonds-490791-unsplash (1).jpg

What is Social (media) Vybes Management?

Your Instagram & Facebook feed is just as important as the homepage on your website–we even think it is more important. Whoa, that is quite a bold statement, we know. All in all, it comes down to customer behavior. More and more people are turning to Instagram and Facebook instead of Google to search for brands to assess how they vybe with them.

Your profile is the first opportunity you have to make a great impression and entice people to hit that “follow/like” button. And by creating a consistent brand story through your Instagram & Facebook aesthetic and bio, you can turn those casual visitors into devoted, engaged and high vybin’ followers. Building an attractive social feed is hyper important if you want to get more followers and engagement.

Do you feel like you have just been throwing spaghetti and seeing what sticks?

Fear no more–Social Vybes is here to save your lost social media soul.



  • Social Media Branded Graphics

  • Curated & Managed Content

  • A High Vybin’ Instagram Bio

  • An Aesthetically Attractive Feed

  • User Engagement

  • Metrics & Growth Tracking


Word Vybes

Copywriting + Website Copy


What is 'copywriting'?

What is 'copywriting'? Well, Wikipedia says it's "the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing".  Which of course is accurate, but really it's an art.  The art of crafting words for the purpose of promoting and selling a brand/image/product/idea in a way that is engaging and truly speaks your company’s vybes. 

So who is this for? Most of our clients hire this service for a new website they are having designed. Hey, someone needs to come up with all the text! But it doesn’t have to stop there… think of things like e-mail campaigns, dialogue for sales videos, dialogue for podcasts, needing blog posts curated, written or verbal speeches, webinars scripts, you name it!



  • Consultation on brand/content/product details

  • Sample draft to find the right 'voice'

  • Grammer, spelling, and content editing

  • Digital and hard copies (if desired)


Secret Vybes

SEO and WEbsite optimization + help your audience find you


What is SEO and Website Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of configuring a website, and its associated pages, to ensure they are formatted ,and written in a way that makes it practical for users to find webpages that match up to the information they're looking for. Sure you have spent a long time learning and discovering what your brand is, but now you need to think about how does your ideal client find you? Optimizing a website so that your ideal clients can find you easily is what SEO is all about. 



  • Site survey

  • Image meta-tag edits

  • Keyword searches and formatting

  • Google Analytics


Your Vybes - OUr Words

Ghost Writing + editing


What is a ghost writer?

And just to clear the air, we don’t mean Ghost Rider, Nicolas Cage isn’t hiding behind this keyboard–this is Ghost Writing and it still isn’t as crazy as it sounds. In simple terms, you want something written, a book, a blog, training material, etc., you want it to sound like you, you want the credit for writing it, but you don't want to write it.  Well, we will and give you the credit.  Sound simple?  It is!



  • Consultation

  • Sample/Review process

  • Grammer, spelling, and punctuation edits

  • Digital delivery in format of your choice


High vybin’

email curation + emails campaigns


What is Email marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the best way to get within reach to your customers and make them repeat buyers. You already captured their attention once, why not shine them again? Sometimes all that is needed is just a well crafted one and done email, and other times your messages requires a series of emails. We like to call this series an email campaign. With an email campaign it is a well thought out, planned and designed series of emails that escalate the desire of the receiver to purchase, subscribe, download, etc. whatever it is you are offering. It can get pretty overwhelming and that is why we are here to knock it out of the park for you!



  • Branded Email

  • Your Voice and Your Aesthetic Showcased

  • MailChimp or Constant Contacts Email Platform Experience

  • Email Messaging that Converts